Exhibit at Earth Day Celebration, April 25, 2015
Bluffton Oyster Company Park
Presented by Experience Green

Is the Earth Day Celebration right for your group or organization?

The Earth Day Celebration not only celebrates the natural environment, but is meant to educate our community in various ways, including exhibits/displays. To be an exhibitor, your organization should have a message, cause, product or service that addresses our community, the environment, our quality of life, or supports sustainable business or living practices. A visitor to your exhibit should come away knowing something that will inform their future actions, and further their commitment to a quality community, clean, healthy environment, and a sustainable future.


Please contact us with your questions.

Earth Day Celebration Exhibitor Goals
· The goal is that the Earth Day Celebration attendee who visits an exhibitor at the event will learn some way(s) that they can take action to contribute to a sustainable future for the environment, people, and prosperity.
· The Earth Day Celebration welcomes exhibitors from all types of organizations: non-profit, for-profit, government departments and agencies, individuals, clubs, schools, churches, etc.
· The Earth Day Celebration is NOT a flea market or street fair; sales are controlled. All items to be sold must be pre-approved by Experience Green and support the environment or promote sustainable practices. Non-profit groups are invited to sell for their own fund-raising purposes.
· For-profit organizations may sell environmentally-relevant goods and services (e.g., products that have significant recycled content, are made from renewable resources, or promote sustainable practices).


10’ x 10’ Exhibit Area


Per Organization




• No chairs, table, electricity, table cloth, and/or skirt are provided.
• Set up is Saturday, April 25th, 8:00 - 10:00am unless approved otherwise.
• Larger exhibit space is available. Please email your needs to us and we can create a custom package for you.
• Exhibit locations will be assigned by Experience Green. Every attempt will be made to accommodate your requests.
• Experience Green reserves the right to decline any exhibitor application for any reason. 
• Exhibitor fees are non-refundable.
• Discounted rates for nonprofit organizations (verification required)
If you'd like to provide any type of beverage or snack, please contact us directly at info@experiencegreen.org

To further the Zero Waste Effort and promote reduced environmental impact, we request the following from all vendors
• Take all waste, packing supplies, etc. with you to dispose off site. After all, if you generated it, it’s your environmental impact, not the event’s.
• We request that you minimize distributing paper promo materials. Only distribute literature made from recycled content paper if absolutely necessary.
• We hope you will ask every patron if they have their own shopping bag and give a discount to those that do.

We invite you to contact us with your questions.